Can You Be Friends After a Break Up


How to Win My Ex Back If I Want to Be More Than Friends

Can You Be Friends After a Break Up – Yes or No

Can you be friends after a break up? Is it even possible in the first place?

Generally, there appears to be different opinions to this question. Some people say sure you can. Others point out no you can't.

Some people will tell you that you can also win your ex back by simply staying as friends. Some think you will lose him or her permanently once you get trapped in the friend zone.

With so many confusing opinions, who is right? And who is wrong? Well, the following is simply my opinon.I might be right. I might be wrong. At times, you will have to act according to your own situation.

Before we go ahead and answer this question, I think you should really ask yourself one question before you even begin to do anything. This is really important and vital. So, please be truthful to yourself.

For what reason do you still wish to be friends after breaking up?

Most probably, there's a small part of you that still wish to get back together with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You are wondering how to win my ex back. In other words, you actually want to be more than friends.

Thus, can you be friends after a break up?

Well, the short answer is yes and no.

You can be TRUE friends after a separation. But only when you've genuinely gotten over the separation.

True friends are actually sincere towards one another. Can you be friends after a break up?Can you be a true friend?

If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend has already moved on and is starting a new romantic relationship, are you able to be delighted for them? Or will you become jealous? Are you going to feel the pain?

In the event that you will feel jealous and hurt, then you are not prepared to be friends with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend yet.

In my opinion, should you continue to remain as 'friend', you can hurt yourself even more. Very likely, your current expectation will be he/she will come back to you eventually. However, if your expectation didn't come true, your frustration may increase.

This pent up of emotions may sooner or later be expressed through your interaction with your ex-mate, in one way or another. Once such a thing happens, your friendship with him/her will certainly be at risk.

Can you be friends after a break up? Frankly, you may pretend to remain as friends but your boyfriend or girlfriend is probably going to see through it.

Truth be told there are two things you can do.

One is to discover how to get your ex back fast. Two would be to learn how to get over your boyfriend or girlfriend. To remain true friends with your old flame, it is ideal that you get over him or her first.